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Chef Big Will Presents,
The Original Bon Ton Cafe
“A Taste of New Orleans!”

Everything is Made from Scratch. We Cook to Order.

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Alligator Tail
Cajun Blackened or Southern Fried
4oz $15 8oz $25 1 pound $40

Basket of Sweet Potato Fries
Basket $8

Hush Puppies
(Fried Garlic & Scallion Cornbread balls) 6 for $5 12 for $8

Will's Cajun or Seasoned French Fries
Basket for $5

Southern Fried Oysters
6 for $12 12 for $24

Battered and Fried Pickles and/or
Jalapeno Rings

Basket $8

Big Will's Fried Okra
(coated in a Garlic & Onion Corn meal Beer batter)
Basket for $8

Popcorn Shrimp
Basket $15

Popcorn Crawfish
Basket $18

Cajun Popcorn Chicken
Basket $12

Gumbo of the Day!
Cup $4 Bowl $7 Quart $14


A Little Bite of Everything Feeds up to 6 People!
Cajun Fries, Hush puppies, Fried Okra, Fried Pickles and Jalapeno's, Sweet Potato Fries, 4 oz fried Alligator bites,
4 Fried Prawns, Southern Fried Catfish Bites, Popcorn Shrimp and Crawfish for $65

Tour of the South
Little Bite plus Big Will's BBQ Platter for $140 Feeds about 6 People Comes with Salads or Gumbo

Darlene's Seafood Platter
6-Hush Puppies, 2-Southern Fried Catfish strips, 6-Fried Shrimp, 6-Fried Oysters,
Sweet Potato Fries, Popcorn Shrimp and Popcorn Crawfish for $50
Lil' Darlene Platter Half the Size of Above for $25



We Brew Fresh “Mariposa Coffee”, 'Deep South French'

Sodas (Ask waitress for other options) $3 with Free Refills

Bottled Water or can of Soda to go $1.50

Ice Tea and Sweet Tea $3 with Free Refills

Bottomless Cup of “Deep South French” Mariposa Coffee $3 with Free Refills

Iced Coffee $3 with Free Refills

Root Beer Float $5

Milk Shake $6
Add a Slice of Pie - “Fat Boy” Shake $9



Each Lunch/Dinner Entree's come with a Cup of Gumbo or a Side Salad and 2-Side Order
along with Fresh Cornbread Muffin

Big Will's Smoke-N-BBQ

Smoked & Barbecued Tri-Tip 2-slices $15 4-slices $25
Smoked & Barbecued Pork Ribs 2-ea $15 4ea-$20 Half Rack-$25 Whole Rack $40
Smoked and Barbecued Pork Small Plate $15 Regular Plate $20
3- slices of Tri Tip and Shredded Pork OR 3 Ribs for $22

Big Will's Sampler Platter:
3-4 slices of Tri Tip, Louisiana Extra Hot Link, 4-Pork Ribs, Shredded Pork and a Blackened Chicken Breast & 2 Catfish Strip for $65

Lil' Wills Sampler Platter:
1-Slice Tri Tip, Extra Hot Link, 2-Rib, Pork, Bronzed Chicken Strip & Catfish Filet for $40

Add a Louisiana Extra Hot Link to any Order for $5 more each Link



Cajun Blackened or Southern Fried Alligator Tail 4oz $22 8oz $37 1-pound $47

Coconut or Blackened or Garlic Scampi or Southern Fried Prawns 7 for $28

Sampler of Prawns you pick 3 Cooking Styles (4 each, 12 Total) for $35

Blackened Cajun Catfish
(Boneless Catfish Fillet with a Little Kick , grilled with Butter & Will's Cajun Seasoning) 1 fillet for $20 2 fillets $30

Southern Fried Catfish
(Cornmeal coated & Deep Fried) 1pc $15 - 2pc $20 - 3pc $25 - 4pc $30


Chicken or Beef

My Wife, Darlene's, Southern Fried Chicken or Will's Cajun Blackened Chicken Breast
1 Boneless piece for $16 2 pieces for $21 “Big”

Smoked Whole & Cut by Hand – Will's Grillin' Seasoning or Blackened Prime Rib Steak
(cooked to order) Check the Special Board for Price & Specials of the Day!

Jambalaya (Creole Tomato Sauce and Rice) or
Lafitte' Louisiana - Etouffee' (Mild Golden Mushroom Creole Sauce 'Vegetarian' Served over Rice)
Your Choice of up to 2 meats or all meats for $5 - Shrimp, Chicken, Alligator, Andouille Sausage, and/or Crawfish.
Served with a cup of Gumbo or a Side Salad.
Half Order $15 Big Bowl $25

In house Ground Steak Burger with Chef Big Will's Native Seasonings
My Great Uncle Houston had a “Decker Burger” restaurant in Oklahoma; this is my Dedication to his Legacy!
Decker Burger's are 5 oz beef patty's with French Fries or a Side Order
Dressed with Cajun Mayo, thin sliced Red Onion, Tomato, Lettuce & Pickles
Decker Burger with or without American Cheese - $10
Double Decker - $14
Triple Decker Burger $18
Add Frickles, Fried Jalapeno's & Bacon for $1.00 per extra item

Kids Meal (10 and under) Meals with a side order
4-oz Burger or Cheeseburger $5
2-Southern Fried Chicken Strips $5
1-slices Tri Tips $5
5-Southern Fried Catfish Nuggets $5
Grill Cheese $5

In House Made:
Desserts (Check Special Board for What We Have)

Bread Pudding with a Whiskey or Bourbon Sauce $5
Handmade Fried Ice Cream $5
on a Brownie (with Whipped Cream, Caramel and Chocolate Sauce) $8
Slice of Sweet Potato Pie $3 Whole Pie $13
Southern Pecan Pie $5 Whole Pie $18
50/50 Pie Sweet Potato/Pecan Pie (it's Like Heaven on Earth) $5 Whole Pie $15
Lemon Buttermilk Pie $3 Whole Pie $13


Thank You for Dining with Us!


For Senior Discount I give away Free Coffee or Tea
and Half Price on Sodas!

Taste Of New Orleans!!

Cajun doesn’t mean Hot as Hell, in New Orleans it means;
“Spiced so that food becomes complex and a little heat accentuates
the natural flavor of the ingredients!” Blackened Does Not Mean Burnt:
the Seasoning has a little sugar in it and when the butter is put on meat and put on my Hot Grill the Sugar and the
Butter Blackens the Seasoning on the Meat and Seals in the Flavor!
“But if you want it Hot as Hell, I'll Burn You Going Down and Coming Out!


with Will's Green Onion House, Buttermilk Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island,
Raspberry Vinaigrette, Italian Dressing (in House made except Vinaigrette or Italian Dressing) “Romaine Salad Mix for a Healthy Blend” diced Red Onions, grated Cheese, Tomatoes and dressing served on the side!

Lunch Salad or Dinner Size Salads
Cajun Blackened or Southern Fried Chicken Small $12 Large $15
Bon Ton Fresh Garden Salad Small $5 Large $10
Shredded Pork and/or chopped Tri Tip on a Salad Small $15 Large $18
Big Will's Chef Salad – Blackened Chicken,
Smoked Pork and Tri Tip on a Salad Small $18 Large $22

Po’boy (Sandwich)
(with Fries or any Side Order) Enjoy it Naked or Dressed with Lettuce, Tomatoes, diced Red Onion,
Will's Cajun Mayo or Regular Mayo and Cheese if you want?!
Add Frickles, Fried Jalapeno's & Bacon for $1.00 per extra item

Darlene's Loaded Bacon!! $15
Southern Fried or Blackened Catfish $12
Louisiana Extra Hot Link $10
Smoked Tri Tip $15
Smoked and Shredded Pork $14
Southern Fried, Louisiana (Buffalo) or Blackened Chicken $13
Popcorn Shrimp and/or Crawfish $20
Alligator Fried or Blackened $20


Side Dishes ($3)

Potato Salad - Sautéed Vegetables - Seasoned Greens - Gumbo -
Red Beans and Rice - Frickles - Hush puppies - Cajun or Seasoned Fries - Sweet Potato Fries - Side Salad - Pineapple Ginger Coleslaw - Fried Okra


The Original Bon Ton Cafe
7307 Hwy 49 N.
Mariposa, California 95338

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

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