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About Us

The Original Bon Ton Cafe

I am Chef William Stacy Decker. Stacy was my grandpa's name, but he said like Everything Else, the women took it over. My Dad is Bill Decker an Okie that Graduated Class of 1957 Merced High School. My Mom Carol Decker didn't graduate from school, but was the Best Mom to my Brother, Sister and myself and my kids and Grand kids soon (6)!

I was born in San Jose and went to the Culinary School in San Francisco in 1997. I met Chef Paul Prudhomme and did my Internship at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. I had 5 prior restaurants.

I was sick for the last 5 years from diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy and walked with a cane. God Opened the door for me to get the Gastric Bypass, work out at the gym, change my eating habits, lose 125 pounds and Open The Original Bon Ton Cafe.

I still have neuropathy really bad in my legs, but no more diabetes. I lost 10 pills and take vitamins instead. I'm healthier, stronger and happier now! I was born to cook! Taste & Enjoy my Labor of Love! Anyone can cook, but it takes Passion to be a Chef!

Chef Big Will


The Original Bon Ton Cafe
7307 Hwy 49 N.
Mariposa, California 95338

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

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